Kemper Profiler Player

A smaller form-factor to those who wants the tone of Kemper in their pedalboard!

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Kemper Profiler Player Pedalboard Profiler Features:

  • Brings Kemper’s world-renowned digital amplifier technology to the stompbox realm
  • Offers all the same studio-grade amp tones as its larger Kemper siblings, boasting 10 banks with 5 rigs each and new Liquid Profiles
  • Extensive FX capabilities, with 4 FX slots, 136 different FX settings, and 444 FX presets total
  • Pedal-style, screenless form factor offers tactile knobs and controls for the built-in noise gate, 3-band EQ, onboard tuner, and 3 assignable footswitches
  • Expand your control using MIDI or with expression pedals/additional footswitches
  • Transforms into a combo amp by connecting 2 Kemper Power Kabinets
  • USB and WLAN for connecting to the Kemper Rig Manager
  • Seamless cross-fading rig switching and natural-sounding reverb/delay spillover
  • Top-quality instrument input with 127dB dynamic range
  • A trio of independently controllable output groups are available via XLR, stereo monitor, and stereo headphone
  • Ground-lifted XLR to go straight to FOH — no DI box necessary
  • Extensive cabinet IR-loading capabilities
  • Doubles as an audio interface for effortless studio recording
  • Kemper Pure Cabinet feature allows you to shape frequency spikes of miked cabs
  • High-power headphone output with “Space” effect to reduce ear fatigue


Products Specifications :

  • INPUT: ¼ inch TS unbalanced, dynamic range 127 dB, impedance 1 megohms
  • MAIN OUTPUT: XLR balanced, output level +4 dBu
  • MONITOR OUTPUT L and R: ¼ inch TRS balanced, output level: +4 dBu
  • HEADPHONE Output: ¼ inch TRS stereo, 32-600 ohms, 330 mW @ 32 ohms, 220 mW @ 600 ohms
  • Eight USB-Audio channels with Windows® and macOS® at 44.1 kHz (required minimum: Windows® 10 Version 1703)
  • Height: 6.8 cm (2.68 inches)
  • Width: 14.5nbsp;cm (5.71 inches)
  • Depth: 16.6 cm (6.53 inches)
  • Weight: 1.11 kg (2.45 pounds)