Powerrack & Rack

The PROFILER™ Rack has a 19″ enclosure. It offers the same feature set as the PROFILER Head. The only differences are that the LED collars are restricted to the GAIN knob only, and the two controls for the MOD module have been omitted – the pay-off being that the entire device is only 3 units high.



  • Full Pro ler functionality in 3U 19“ Rack format
  • Available as powered and unpowered version
  • Amp version features 600 Watt Power Amp
  • Drives Guitar Cabinets and Full Range Cabinets


                    Hundreds of preinstalled amps

                    Multi-effect processor *

                    Pro audio I/O **


                    600 Watt power amp

                    Color option: White

                    Color option: Black


                    5.00 kg / 11.02 lbs

                    * 4x individual effect modules Pre, 4x individual effect modules post amplifier and cabinet

                    ** 4x analog MAIN OUTPUTS (L/R, stereo balanced/ unbalanced), MONITOR OUTPUT, DIRECT OUTPUT/SEND, HEADPHONE OUTPUT, 2x PEDAL, 2x S/PDIF, 3x MIDI (IN/OUT/THRU), ALTERNATIVE INPUT, RETURN INPUT, 2x USB (Host/ Device), Ethernet