With its versatile sounds, ultra-responsive pads, and briefcase size, the OCTAPAD SPD-20X is perfect for performing percussionists on the move. It features all the original sounds from its predecessor, the still-popular SPD-20, plus a large selection of all-new sounds for Indian percussion styles. The eight cushioned rubber pads provide great feel and accurate triggering, and four trigger inputs enable easy expansion with external pedals and pads as needed. From small groups to large-scale ensembles, the travel-friendly OCTAPAD SPD-20X is a ready companion wherever you want to play.



  • Versatile, self-contained percussion instrument
  • Briefcase size for easy travel
  • Includes a broad selection of world percussion, with more than 700 instrument sounds and 99 patches
  • Eight cushioned rubber pads provide even and accurate triggering with excellent isolation between pads
  • Connect compatible Roland pads and pedals to the four trigger inputs to create a mini drum kit or expanded percussion setup
  • Enhance percussion sounds with the six onboard effects processors
  • Easy-to-navigate matrix interface, LCD, and illuminated buttons
  • SD card slot for saving setups and patches
  • Available in white or black finish

Carry a World of Percussion Under Your Arm

The OCTAPAD SPD-20X gives you a diverse arsenal of top-quality percussion sounds in one portable instrument. At your fingertips are sounds for any musical situation, all of which are freely assignable to the pads in any arrangement you like. There’s no need to haul around a large collection of acoustic percussion instruments anymore—the road-tough SPD-20X has everything you need in a convenient, briefcase-size package.

More Than 700 Instrument Sounds On Board

Packed inside the SPD-20X is a wide range of sounds representing percussion instruments from all over the world. Acoustic and electronic drum sounds are included as well, plus many cool sound effects. Over 700 sounds are available, and you can organize them into 99 different patches for playing specific songs and styles. The majority of the sounds are the same as those found in the original SPD-20, a favorite instrument still used by many players. Also included are 45 Indian percussion sounds, all newly recorded specifically for the SPD-20X.

Eight Pads with Advanced Triggering Technology

The SPD-20X feels great to play. The cushioned rubber pads provide natural, highly responsive playability, and each pad is individually isolated to reduce crosstalk and unwanted triggering. In addition to the eight onboard pads, the SPD-20X includes four rear-panel trigger inputs for more advanced performing setups. A number of external Roland pad types can be used, including the PD-8 dual-trigger pad, KD-7/-9 kick, CY-5/-8 cymbals, and even the FD-8 for hi-hat control.

Onboard Effects for Enhancing Sounds

With the SPD-20X’s six dedicated effects, it’s a snap to add high-quality processing to suit a particular song or performance venue. Reverb and delay are on hand for rich spatial ambience, which is essential for creating impactful percussion sounds. There’s also a chorus effect for adding width and depth, as well as a flanger for achieving all kinds of interesting tonalities. The SPD-20X also includes compression and EQ, powerful tools for adding studio-quality punch and polish to your percussion sounds.

Friendly User Interface and SD Card Slot

If you’re familiar with using the original SPD-20, you’ll feel right at home on the SPD-20X. It’s just as simple to operate, with a friendly matrix menu on the top panel that makes navigation a breeze. In addition, there’s now an LCD that shows patch/sound names and other information, and all the buttons are illuminated for easy visibility in dark playing environments. The SPD-20X also includes an SD card slot, allowing you to store patches and setups and share them with other SPD-20X users.



Built-in Pads: 8
* Four external trigger inputs are provided, allowing you to connect Pads.

Maximum Polyphony

128 voices





Kit Chain

8 chains (20 steps per chain)

Sound Parameters

FX Send

Effect Types


Master Effects



16 characters, 2 lines (backlit LCD)


PHONES jack: Stereo miniature phone type
OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) jakcs: 1/4-inch phone type
LINE IN jack: Stereo miniature phone type
TRIGGER INPUT jacks (Dual) x 3: 1/4-inch phone type
HH CTRL/TRIGGER INPUT (Dual) jack: 1/4-inch phone type
FOOT SW jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
MIDI (IN, OUT) connectors

External Memory

SD Card (SDHC supported)

Power Supply

AC Adaptor

Current Draw

1000 mA


Owner’s Manual
AC Adaptor
Screw (M5 x 12 mm) x 4

Options (sold separately)

Pads (PD-8, CY-5, CY-8)
Kick Trigger Unit (KD-7)
Kick Pad (KD-9)
Hi-Hat Control Pedal (FD-8)
Footswitch (BOSS FS-5U)
Footswitch Cable (PCS-31L)
Pedal Switch (DP-2)
Drum Stand (PDS-10)



450 mm
17-3/4 inches


361 mm
14-1/4 inches


80 mm
3-3/16 inches


3.3 kg
7 lbs 5 oz


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