If you’re new to the world of acoustic guitar and would like to explore an extra dimension in sound, creativity, and convenience, the new MOBILE AC is your perfect amp. Optimized for acoustic guitar and designed to travel, the MOBILE AC delivers big sound in a package that can easily fit into a backpack. The amp can be used for up to 15 hours at a time via battery power, so you can take it anywhere. Simply plug in your acoustic guitar, turn up the volume, and enjoy clean, clear, and surprisingly powerful, spacious stereo sound from a compact amp. You can also add deep stereo chorus or lush reverb effects, and you can incorporate a portable media player and microphone for sing-along fun. Strum your guitar and sing, play along with backing tracks, and enjoy the MOBILE AC at home or outdoors. It’s also a handy personal monitor for use on stage, with a big sound that defies its small size.



  • Five-watt (2.5+2.5) stereo amplifier for acoustic guitar
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • 15 hours of use with six AA alkaline batteries
  • Microphone input for singing
  • Audio inputs for playing along with portable media players
  • Three-channel mixer with individual volume controls for microphone, guitar, and audio input
  • Chorus, Reverb, and Wide effects to add depth to your sound

Rich Stereo Sound

The MOBILE AC is small, but its two 4-inch speakers produce a surprisingly large and lush stereo sound. Activate the built-in stereo chorus — an effect that Roland is famous for — and immerse your guitar in a pool of thick, swirling sound. There’s also onboard reverb with a dedicated control knob, as well as a “Wide” effect for adding spaciousness to the sound. For the final polish, turn the TONE knob clockwise for a brighter tone, or counterclockwise for a milder sound.

Travel Friendly

Small enough to fit in a backpack and light enough for a child to carry, the MOBILE AC is ready to travel. Take it anywhere you go — to a friend’s house for a jam session, to a small outdoor gathering such as a camping trip, or on stage for use as a personal monitor. It can run for 15 hours at a time on six AA alkaline batteries, so you can perform in any location, indoors or out. An optional AC adapter is available should you prefer to plug it in. A handy carrying strap is included, and an optional carrying case is also available.

Strum, Sing, and Jam Along

Strap on your guitar, invite a friend, and grab a microphone — the MOBILE AC has inputs for guitar and mic with independent volume controls for each, and you can even add lush reverb and “Wide” effects to the instrument and voice for a polished, professional sound. There’s also a third input (with dedicated volume control) for connecting a portable media player such as an iPod, giving you an easy way to add backing tracks to your performances.

The MOBILE AC in Action!

This amp was born to travel — where will you take your music?


                    Rated Power Output

                    2.5 W + 2.5 W

                    Nominal Input Level (1 kHz)

                    AUDIO: -10 dBu
                    MIC: -50 dBu
                    GUITAR: -10 dBu


                    10 cm (4 inches) x 2


                    POWER switch
                    WIDE switch
                    TONE knob
                    REVERB knob
                    VOLUME knob
                    VOLUME knob
                    VOLUME knob
                    CHORUS switch




                    MIC jack (1/4-inch phone type)
                    GUITAR jack (1/4-inch phone type)
                    AUDIO jacks (Stereo miniature phone type, RCA phono type)
                    PHONES jack (Stereo miniature phone type)
                    DC IN jack

                    Power Supply

                    Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 6
                    AC Adaptor (sold separately)

                    Current Draw

                    175 mA (DC 9 V)

                    Expected battery life under continuous use

                    Alkaline battery (AA, LR6): approximately 15 hours


                    Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 6
                    Owner’s Manual

                    Options (sold separately)

                    AC adaptor (PSB series)

                    SIZE AND WEIGHT


                    280 mm
                    11-1/16 inches


                    108 mm
                    4-5/16 inches


                    177 mm
                    7 inches


                    2.5 kg
                    5 lbs. 9 oz.

                    PERFECT SOUND

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