This complete system is ideal for an end user interested in harnessing all the power of the REAC network, including 64×48 physical I/O, personal mixing for 8 + engineers monitor, and virtual rehearsal/playback + multi-track recording. The system consists of the configurable M-5000 OHRCA console, two S-2416 Digital Snake heads, two R-1000 Multi-track Recorder/Players, nine M-48 Personal Mixers, an S-4000D Splitter/Distributor and an XI-REAR Expansion Card.



  • 128 definable audio paths at 96kHz
  • 64 x 48 digital I/O and transport
  • Remotely placed and controlled I/O across two snake heads of 24×16
  • Personal mixing for 8 plus 1 Engineer’s Monitor
  • Hardware-based virtual rehearsal/playback and recording of up to 48 channels at 96kHz
  • Powerful integrated control from M-5000 surface as well as iPad and/or PC/Mac


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