M-5000 Remote

M-5000 Remote is an iPad App for controlling the M-5000 or M-5000C consoles. This App provides an easy-to-use interface of the most frequently used parameters, which is suitable for setting up Monitors on stage and adjusting EQ from different listening positions. You can also place the iPad on the top panel to use it as a second display for viewing more windows such as a large meter window.



Main Controllable Parameters:

  • Channel Level/Mute/Solo
  • DCA Level/Mute/Solo
  • 4-band Dynamic EQ
  • 8-band PEQ, 31-band GEQ
  • Sends On Fader
  • Preamp
  • Digital Gain, HPF
  • Pan
  • Dynamics Threshold
  • Channel Delay
  • Direct Output Level
  • User Layers


You can remotely control most of the parameters such as Channel Level, Channel EQ and GEQ. The multi-touch operation lets you mix, confirm and change the parameters intuitively. The M-5000 or M-5000C can be controlled simultaneously from up to three iPads: a) wired hookup using the Dock connector, b) through a wireless router, or c) direct ad-hoc connection using a wireless USB adapter. Depending on the size and complexity of the environment, an operator can choose any or all of these connection types.


*The M-5000/M-5000C you are connecting to must be running at the latest version(Version 1.3 or later).
*For wireless connection between the M-5000/M-5000C and iPad, a wireless USB adapter and/or a wireless access point(e.g., wireless LAN router) is required(sold separately).