The M-48 is the next generation live personal mixer that offers musicians the flexibly to control exactly what they want to listen to during their performances. It provides the highest level of sound monitoring quality for both headphones and IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) as well as for wedge and powered monitors. The superb sound quality creates the ideal monitoring environment for live performance and recording as well as studio applications.



  • Choose from 40 audio sources and assign to 16 stereo groups
  • Sweeten your mix using built-in reverb, limiter, EQ, pan, and volume
  • Control, save, recall users settings from V-Mixer or PC with control software
  • Multitude of input and output connections along with ambient microphone
  • REAC embedded power provides clean flexible stage setup

Unprecedented Personalization

The M-48 enables control of up to 40 audio channels via 16 stereo groups. No longer do you have to share the same sources and in the same order as everyone else. Each musician can choose what he or she wants to listen to – a truly personal mix.

Professional Sound Control and Quality

Sweeten your monitor mix to your exact preferences with volume, pan, 3-band EQ and built-in reverb per group ?all instantly adjustable by convenient encoder knobs. A limiter is incorporated for protecting your ears from sudden and dangerous volume spikes. Based on REAC, the all-digital connection results in a low noise floor, improved musicality and crystal clear sound.

Unparalleled Usability

The LED indicators on the control knobs enable instant adjustment and visual confirmation at a glance, even on a dark stage. The built-in ambient mic aids in communicating with other musicians without have to remove your ear-buds or headphones as well as enabling a stage/room feel if desired. The AUX Input allows a metronome or other device to be mixed into the primary sound.

Convenient Connectivity

Our newly developed “REAC Embedded Power” (via the S-4000D) transfers both power and 40 channels of audio to the M-48 via a single CAT5e cable dramatically simplifying wiring and stage layouts. Mini jack and 1/4 inch phone jack headphone outputs are provided. Balanced TRS line outputs support wedge or other types of powered monitors. An independent stereo output mini jack enables recording with superb sound quality.

A Complete Digital Mixing System with any V-Mixer

With any V-Mixer Live Mixing Console you can setup, maintain and control 40 channels of monitor output to each M-48 connected to the system. All V-Mixers are equipped with the remote management software, memory recall, etc. providing a simple and flexible setup.

Connect to an existing Analog/Digital Console

With an existing console, connect the M-48 along with the S-1608 (16 channel) or the S-4000S (40 channel) Digital Snake to utilize the complete system. For a digital consoles, use the S-MADI REAC MADI Bridge to maintain the digital connection between the console and the M-48s. The next generation of digital monitoring can be incorporated along with your existing mixing system.

Setup and Manage the M-48 on your PC

M-48’s can be setup and controlled on your PC when using with an existing console. Simply connect to the serial port on the S-1608/S-4000S series Digital Snakes or S-MADI.

Included Mounting Plate

The M-48 can be attached to the top of a microphone stand by using the bundled mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is also designed with a removeable headphone hanger and accessory tray for your pencil or portable recorder. The optional APC-33 mounting bracket can be used when you need to mount the M-48 to the middle of a music or mic stand.

S-4000D – The REAC Splitter Equipped with Embedded Power

“REAC Embedded Power” is unique Roland technology that enables the transfer of not only the digital audio signal but also the power required by the connected device – all via one CAT5e cable. The S-4000D Splitter and Power Distributor is equipped with 10 REAC ports including 8 ports of REAC Embedded Power. The S-4000D can automatically detect and distinguish a product not supporting REAC Embedded Power. In this case, power is not provided allowing the S-4000D to also function as a standard splitter when required. The S-4000D is required to use the M-48s.


Number of Input Channels

43 (40 in, STEREO AUX in, 1 AMBIENT MIC in)

Number of Output Channels


AD/DA Conversion

Sample Rate: 96.0kHz or 48.0 kHz or 44.1 kHz
Signal Processing: 24 bits
*The sampling frequency of M-48 to be set automatically according to it of the REAC Master device.

Frequency Response

PHONES jack (1,2): -4 dB / +0 dB (40 ohms load, PHONES ATT max, 150 mW)
LINE OUT L/R jacks: -2 dB / +0 dB (20k ohms load, -6 dBu)
* Sample Rate: 96.0 kHz
* Input: S-1608 Input (Input sens: +4 dBu, 20 Hz to 20 kHz)

Residual Noise Level

(PHONES ATT: Center, IHF-A, typ.)
-88 dBu (All Knobs: Min)
-87 dBu (PHONES Vol: Unity, AUX IN Vol: Max, Group control knob 1 to 16: Min)
-86 dBu (PHONES Vol: Unity, AUX IN Vol: Min, Group control knob 1 to 16: Unity)
-72 dBu (PHONES Vol: Max, AUX IN Vol: Max, Group control knob 1 to 16: Max)
* Input 150 ohms terminate
* Output Connector: PHONES jack
* Sample Rate: 96.0 kHz
* S-1608 Input Sens: +4dBu

Nominal Input Level

AUX IN L/R jack: -16 dBu (Vol: Max)

Input Impedance

AUX IN L/R jack: 10 K ohms

Non Clip Maximum Input level

AUX IN L/R jack: +2 dBu

Nominal Output Level

LINE OUT L/R jacks: -6 dBu (LINE OUT Vol: Unity, Load impedance: 10 k ohms)
LINE OUT REC L/R jack: -12 dBu (LINE OUT Vol: Unity, Load impedance: 10 k ohms)

Output Impedance

PHONES jacks (1, 2): 10 ohms
LINE OUT L/R jacks: 600 ohms
LINE OUT REC L/R jack: 1 k ohms

Recommended Load Impedance

PHONES jacks (1, 2): 16 ohms or greater (Composition impedance of 1 and 2)
LINE OUT L/R jacks: 10 k ohms or greater
LINE OUT REC L/R jack: 10 k ohms or greater

Non Clip Maximum Output level

PHONES jacks (1, 2): 250 mW + 250 mW (1 or 2, 1 kHz, 40 ohms load)
LINE OUT L/R jacks: +12 dBu (1 kHz, 10 k ohms load)
LINE OUT REC L/R jack: +6 dBu (1 kHz, 10 k ohms load)


REAC port: RJ-45 EtherCon type
AUX IN L/R jack: Stereo miniature phone type
LINE OUT L/R jacks: 1/4 inch TRS phone type
LINE OUT REC L/R jack: Stereo miniature phone type
PHONES jacks: Stereo miniature phone type and Stereo 1/4 inch phone type

Power Supply

DC +48 V (It is supplied by S-4000D.)

Power Consumption

13 W



297.0 (W) x 171.0 (D) x 67.0 (H) mm
11-3/4 (W) x 6-3/4 (D) x 2-11/16 (H) inches


1.5kg / 3 lbs 5 oz (M-48)
0.6kg / 1 lb 6 oz (Mounting bracket and bracket tray)

Operation Temperature

0 to +40 degrees Celsius
+32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit

Accessories (Included)

Mounting bracket/bracket tray x 1
Mounting bracket attachment kit
Wing nut: for 3/8 inch screw x 1
Washers: for 3/8 inch screw x 2
Nut: for 5/8 inch screw x 1
Rubber washer x 1
Screws for fastening the M-48 x 2 Screws for attaching the APC-33 all purpose clamp x 4
Ferrite core x 1
REAC connector cover x 1
Owner’s Manual

** 0dBu=0.775Vrms
* In the interest of product improvement, the specifications and/or appearance of this unit are subject to change without prior notice.
*The M-48’s specifications were measured in connection with below mentioned devices.
Input Unit: S-1608
Splitter & Power Distributor: S-4000D
S-1608 Input Sens: +4dBu
The specifications were measured when Ch1 to Ch16 of S-1608 were assigned as group 1 to 16 of M-48.


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