M-200i Remote

This application makes it possible to adjust mixing parameters from a variety of listening points on stage or around the room, away from the M-200i positioned at a fixed location. Combined with the easy operation afforded by the iPad's large screen and Multi-Touch interface, this application makes it easy to remotely view and adjust settings. It is also equally useful as a sub-display and controller when placed beside the M-200i V-Mixer.



  • Download the iPad App
  • Use with the most recent firmware version of the M-200i.
  • A wireless USB adapter (Roland WNA1100-RL) is required.
  • A wireless LAN router (Wi-Fi router, etc.) is recommended but if not available, connection can be made directly to the wireless USB adapter in ad-hoc mode.
  • Because the wireless USB adapter occupies the M-200i’s USB port, functions that use a USB flash key (such as recording, playback, and backing up settings) are not possible while the wireless USB adapter is connected.
  • A single iPad can be connected at one time. This application cannot be used concurrently with the M-200i RCS PC/Mac remote application software.

Compatible iOS devices

• iPad 1st – 4th gen.
• iPad Air
• iPad mini
• iPad mini Retina

Compatible iOS version

• iOS 5.1 or later
• iOS 6
• iOS 7
• iOS 8

Other required equipment

It requires one of the next items at least.
• Wireless USB Adapter WNA1100-RL
• Included DOCK CABLE
• Wireless LAN base unit (connected with M-200i via wired LAN)