M-100 AIRA

Designed and built by V-MODA in collaboration with Roland, the Crossfade M-100 AIRA is an audiophile-quality headphone for users of Roland’s AIRA range of electronic instruments and effects. With its dual-diaphragm 50 mm driver, 5–30,000 Hz frequency response and incredible dynamic range, it lets you hear and feel every detail of your performances on stage or in the studio, from the deepest subs of the TR-8 drum machine to the most piercing screams of the TB-3 bass synth.



  • Large-diameter (50 mm) high definition dual diaphragm drivers and 5–30,000 Hz frequency response ensure optimum audibility of AIRA instruments
  • Striking, iconic and sleek design with AIRA logo on each air shield and dual green chevrons on headband
  • Exclusive heavy duty professional cable, 2 meters long, designed with a locking mechanism for added security
  • Extra SharePlay extended audio cable featuring a built-in 3.5 mm jack that allows for two headphones to share the same source
  • Special XL memory foam ear cushions mold to the shape of your ears for maximum comfort and noise isolation
  • Professional exoskeleton carry case with strap system facilitates storage of M-100 AIRA and accessories such as included professional audio cables, USB memory sticks, earplugs and more
  • Exclusive AIRA edition packaging


Type of Construction

Dynamic (over-ear)


50 mm in diameter dual-diaphragm driver


103 dB/mW


32 ohms

Frequency Response

5–30,000 Hz


Stereo input x 2


2 m (7-7/8 feet) detachable straight pro cable with plug adaptor
(miniature phone plug to 1/4-inch phone plug)


Stereo miniature phone type (24K gold-plated)


Dual shareplay audio cable
EVA carrying case with carabiner
Corks for input jack
V-moda logo sticker


Weight (excluding cord)

283 g
10 oz