For over two decades, keyboard players everywhere have relied on Roland’s KC amps for their powerful high-fidelity sound, onboard mixing features, versatile connectivity, and lasting durability. The latest generation carries on the time-honored KC benchmark of quality while offering new enhancements tuned for the needs of today’s working musicians. With a KC amp by your side, you’re in complete control of your stage rig, so you’ll always sound great and play your best. And that’s worth it every time.

Offering full-range stereo sound and battery-powered operation, the three-channel KC-220 is the ultimate mobile keyboard amp. It also excels as a mini PA, thanks to its built-in DSP effects, dedicated auxiliary input, and support for an XLR vocal mic. Delivering big sound in a super-portable package, the KC-220 is a must-have amp for rehearsals, street performances, and gigging on the go.



  • Battery-powered stereo keyboard amplifier
  • Highly efficient power section with 30 watts of power (15 watts x 2)
  • Two newly developed custom 6.5-inch woofers and two custom tweeters
  • Onboard mixing with three 1/4-inch input channels, dedicated auxiliary input with 1/8-inch and RCA jacks, and master EQ
  • Built-in DSP effects: reverb and two chorus types
  • XLR mic input, mono/stereo line output, and headphones output
  • Metal jacks for increased durability
  • Runs on eight AA batteries or included AC adapter; removable cartridge for easy battery replacement
  • Built-in tilt-back stand and integrated mount for optional ST-A95 speaker stand

Full-Range Sound for Keyboards and Electronic Musical Instruments

The KC-220 delivers full-range stereo sound with 30 watts of power (15 watts x 2), two newly designed 6.5-inch speakers, and two custom tweeters. Paired with an advanced power section optimized for efficient battery operation, the KC-220 smoothly reproduces the wide frequency range of 88-note stage pianos, organs, and synthesizers, as well as rhythm machines and other electronic instruments.

Stereo Effects and EQ

It’s easy to enhance your sound with the KC-220’s high-quality DSP effects. Normal and wide stereo chorus effects are provided, plus a lush stereo reverb for vocals and instruments. And for hands-free operation on stage, effects on/off can be controlled with an optional footswitch. The KC-220 also includes high and low EQ for shaping the overall sound to suit the venue.

Onboard 3+1 Mixing

Compact and convenient, the KC-220 is a complete stereo mixing system that travels everywhere you need to play. Three 1/4-inch line input channels support keyboards, drum machines, and various electronic instruments, and Channel 1 also includes an XLR input for using a vocal mic. There’s a dedicated aux channel as well, with 1/8-inch and RCA inputs for connecting smartphones, music players, and other devices.

Versatile Connectivity

The KC-220 is equipped with mono/stereo line outputs, allowing you to interface with PA systems, stage monitors, or recording devices. Plugging into the Phones jack mutes the onboard speakers, perfect for private practice sessions and checking sounds on stage with headphones.


                    Rated Power Output

                    30 W (15 W + 15 W) (when using the AC adaptor)
                    20 W (10 W + 10 W) (when using the Alkaline batteries)

                    Nominal Input Level (1 kHz)

                    CH1 (BALANCED, MIC/LINE): -50- -20 dBu
                    CH2 (LINE): -20 dBu
                    CH3 (LINE): -20 dBu
                    AUX IN (L, R, STEREO): -10 dBu

                    Nominal Output Level (1 kHz)

                    LINE OUT: +4 dBu


                    16 cm (6.5 inches) Woofer x 2
                    Tweeter x 2


                    POWER switch

                    MIC/LINE knob

                    LINE knob

                    LINE knob

                    EFFECT knob

                    LOW knob
                    HIGH knob

                    MASTER knob

                    [AUX IN]
                    LEVEL knob




                    CH1 (BALANCED) jack: XLR type
                    CH1 (MIC/LINE) jack: 1/4-inch phone type
                    CH2 (L/MONO, R) jack: 1/4-inch phone type
                    CH3 (L/MONO, R) jack: 1/4-inch phone type
                    AUX IN (L, R) jacks: RCA phono type
                    AUX IN (STEREO) jack: Stereo miniature phone type

                    LINE OUT (L/MONO, R) jack: 1/4-inch phone type
                    PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
                    FOOT SW jack: 1/4-inch phone type

                    DC IN jack

                    Current Draw

                    550 mA

                    Expected battery life under continuous use

                    Alkaline battery: Approximately 7 hours
                    Rechargeable Ni-MH battery: Approximately 8 hours
                    * This can vary depending on the capacity of the batteries and the conditions of use.


                    Owner’s Manual
                    AC Adaptor
                    AC Cord

                    Options (sold separately)

                    Speaker Stand (ST-A95)
                    Footswitch (BOSS FS-5U)

                    SIZE AND WEIGHT


                    420 mm
                    16-9/16 inches


                    244 mm
                    9-5/8 inches


                    320 mm
                    12-5/8 inches


                    7.3 kg
                    16 lbs 2 oz

                    PERFECT SOUND

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