The Roland GLC-1 represents the next generation in music-conferencing systems. This all-in-one communication solution is perfect for group piano teaching, music ensemble instruction, and even sophisticated language lab teaching. Because the GLC-1 doesn’t rely on external computer hardware or software, it’s both intuitive and easy-to-use.



  • Comprehensive stand-alone conferencing system; represents the next generation in music conferencing
  • Eight-station stereo lab system expandable up to 48-stations with GLC-EXPKIT expansion kits
  • Easy set up using supplied connectors, cables, and headsets
  • Rack mountable hub controlled via the conference controller
  • External audio output for monitoring and recording
  • GLC-1 includes nine GLC-SB interface boxes and nine SB-45 headsets
  • Broadcast an external audio source (e.g. CD player, computer, Music Tutor, etc.) using CD input or AUX input; record lectures and performances on an external audio recorder (e.g. CD, hard disk, computer, etc.) using MON output
  • Audio input for external source playback


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