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C-30 : Digital Harpsichord


C-30 : Digital Harpsichord
Beautiful design
Able to fit beautifully into a small space, the exquisite compact design is modeled on a small rectangular harpsichord known as the virginal. Picture board can be installed on the inside of the keyboard lid, and the side panels can be replaced with reproduction stained glass. Customization is available to match any interior so you can create the look you desire.

Sensitive keyboard touch
A newly developed special keyboard authentically reproduces the plucking sensation of a harpsichord key when pressed. All of the characteristics of the harpsichord key action have been captured, including the length and form of the black keys, the depth of the key press, and even the distinctive noise that comes when a key is released.

Rich timbre
Known as "Cembalo" in German and Italian and "Clavecin" in French, the harpsichord comes in various shapes and sizes. Two different types, French and Flemish, of harpsichord sounds are built into the C-30. You can toggle between them with the touch of a switch. For each sound, four buttons are available: 8-foot I (back), 8-foot II (front), 4-foot (octave higher), and lute (buff mute). You play them individually or layer them. In pursuit of the perfect harpsichord, Roland has equipped the C-30 with "Dynamic Harpsichord" sounds, which can be played with dynamics (velocity sensitivity) and a damper pedal. In addition, the sounds of the early fortepiano and a compact pipe organ have been included.

Reliable tuning
Available tuning options include baroque pitch (415 Hz) and Versailles pitch (392 Hz), which can be switched with a single touch without changing the temperament (classical tuning). Since the C-30 is a digital instrument, it will not go out of tune due to changes in temperature and humidity, or during transport. It's always in tune and ready for you to play.

Temperament (classical tuning)
A total of five tuning options are supported. In addition to equal temperament, you can select Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Vallotti, or Meantone tuning with a single button to suit the piece you are playing.

Sound volume adjustment and use of headphones is possible
You can enjoy the same natural volume as an acoustic harpsichord, or increase or decrease the volume if desired. Volume control makes it possible to adjust the sound to achieve a proper balance when playing in an ensemble with violin, modern flute, or other comparatively loud instruments. At such times, the built-in speakers are able to fill a medium-size hall without losing any of the authentic harpsichord timbre. On the other hand, if you want to practice at home late at night, you can turn the volume down or even practice in complete privacy using headphones.

The compact C-30 can be made even more portable by removing the legs and stand. You can easily transport the unit (25 kg) and stand (13 kg) in a standard-size car. Getting the instrument to ensemble rehearsals or concerts is easy.

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