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C-30 : Digital Harpsichord


C-30 : Digital Harpsichord
A Beautiful Marriage: the Enchanting Harpsichord and the Wonders of a Digital Instrument

From solo performance to ensemble playing, the C-30 provides the perfect sound and touch for baroque music. Enjoy the best of both worlds - a new-generation digital harpsichord with authentic sound and touch, excellent playability, and soul-stirring expression.
  • Elegant yet compact design makes the C-30 suitable for any size room
  • Four types of instruments included such as French type Harpsichord, Flemish type Harpsichord, Fortepiano, Dynamic Harpscihord
  • Each Harpsichord sound has four stop variations of 8'I (Back), 8'II(Front), 4', and Lute
  • Positive type of small pipe organ sounds are also equipped as Organ I, and Organ II.
  • Five selectable temperaments with Baroque pitch support
  • Options for appearance customizing such as Drawings, Side panels
  • New 61 note F scale keyboards with click action
  • Light weight and portable with matching stand
Roland Corporation would like to thank the Collection Molinari-Pradelli, for the authorization to reproduce the picture entitled 'Estasi de Santa Maria Madalena' by Marcantonio Franceschini, for this limited edition of the C-30 Harpsichord.

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