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M-480 : Live Mixing Console


M-480 : Live Mixing Console


M-480 Ver.1.5 update will be available in April 2012.

The New Flagship Console of the V-Mixing System
Developed to exploit ideal sound.

The Roland M-480 V-Mixer boasts a powerful new mixing engine, providing a premium console choice. But the M-480 is more than a console; it is the heart of a V-Mixing System with perfectly integrated Digital Snakes, Personal Mixing and Multi-Channel Recording solutions.

With superb sound quality, powerful functions, expandability and intuitive operation, the V-Mixing System continues to introduce new possibilities to the world of live mixing.

The M-480 is the first V-Mixer to support a cascade connection that enables 96 channels of mixing by connecting a second unit.

Supporting live events, mobile production, broadcasting, and sound installation the V-Mixing System with the V-Mixer at its heart provides the next level of innovation for any live mixing venue.

  • 48 mixing channels plus 6 stereo returns
  • Main LCR outputs, 16 AUX buses, 8 matrices
  • 4-band fully parametric EQ, gate/compressor on all channels
  • All input and output channels equipped with delay
  • 6 built-in multi-effects and 12 graphic EQs
  • Cascade capability supports large format applications
  • [Ver.1.5] Increased number of DCA’s from 8 to 24
  • [Ver.1.5] Scene Fade Function
  • [Ver.1.5] Increased delay time up to 1.2 seconds for broadcast and large outdoor applications
  • [Ver.1.5] Five new effect processors including Multi-Band Compression/Expansion and BOSS digital effect models.
  • [Ver.1.5] Second order shelving on Lo and Hi EQ
  • [Ver.1.5] Mutually Exclusive LR/C assignment for cross-matrixed linear array speaker configurations
  • [Ver.1.5] Delay setting in "samples"
  • [Ver.1.5] Monitor dimmer setting
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