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VS-100 : Portable Music Production Studio for Mac and PC


VS-100 : Portable Music Production Studio for Mac and PC
V-Studio 100: Portable Music Production Studio for Mac and PC

V-Studio 100 is the portable music production studio that lets you create, record, produce, and perform music with or without a computer.

V-Studio 100 is based on technology found in the flagship V-Studio 700 music production system with some added new functionality. Its compact, all-in-one design is portable enough to take anywhere for your mobile recording needs and powerful enough to be the centerpiece of your home studio.

With a computer

Take control of your music production using the V-Studio 100 as a high-quality audio and MIDI interface and DAW controller. Connect to a Mac or Windows and use your favorite software such as Logic, Ableton, SONAR and so on, or the included SONAR VS digital audio workstation (Windows Only). Take your music to the next level with the VS Production Pack–a powerful collection of effects and instruments for Mac and Windows.

Away from your computer

Record directly to V-Studio 100's SD-card wherever or whenever inspiration strikes-without the need to boot up your computer. Take the VS-100 to your live gigs and use its digital mixer, reverb, compression, and EQ to mix vocals and other instruments. Use its SD recorder to play backing tracks that you produced on your computer. Even record a mix of your set directly to the SD-card. Then transfer your recorded audio to your computer for additional editing and tracking. When you're done, upload it to the internet, burn CDs, and more.
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