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UM-1G : 1x1 MIDI Interface


UM-1G : 1x1 MIDI Interface
The UM-1G is a compact, cable-style 1-In/1-Out USB MIDI Interface. With features like intuitive connector cable labels, a MIDI indicator LED, and a MIDI Check Switch, the UM-1G has been designed to provide the easiest connection of MIDI devices to your computer.

Highlights include:
  • 1-In/1-Out MIDI port (male), with LED indicators for MIDI I/O signal monitoring
  • MIDI Check switch for quick troubleshooting of MIDI connections
  • MIDI cables are engraved with "Connect to MIDI In" and "Connect to MIDI Out" labels for no confusion when connecting devices
  • Perfect for hobbyists who want to connect a MIDI keyboard to a computer, or musicians who need MIDI connectivity to control or record music with a computer
  • Ideal for small studios or academic settings where only one MIDI device will be connected in close proximity to the computer
  • In live performance settings, use the UM-1G to control a synth, drum machine, MIDI light set-up
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