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S-4000H : Digital Snake FOH Unit


S-4000H : Digital Snake FOH Unit
32 x 8 FOH Unit

The S-4000H receives signals from the stage and is typically placed next to the FOH mixing console. Its 32 analog outputs are used to send signals from the stage to the mixing console and its 8 inputs for returning signal such as Main audio or monitor mixes to the stage. AD and DA conversions are 24bit/96kHz.
  • "Front of house" unit with 8 inputs and 32 outputs on DB-25 connectors (+4 dBu typical, +22 dBu maximum, balanced)
  • Two REAC ports (one primary, one redundant)
  • RS-232C interface for S-4000R Remote Controller or computer control
  • MUTE ALL OUTPUTS button for noise-free connection of audio sources
  • Connection port for optional redundant power supply
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