Fantom Version 2.0 Update

FANTOM is a new kind of creative hub, where you can pull together all the sounds and inspiration around you into one music production environment. And it keeps growing and evolving with new sounds, features, and refinements based on customer feedback.

Building on the recent additions of multiple SuperNATURAL sound engines and a stunning 32-band stereo vocoder, FANTOM now takes another giant leap forward with version 2.0. The free update includes major enhancements to FANTOM’s sampling, sequencing, effects, and routing capabilities, and new ways to make FANTOM the center of your creative universe.

The sampling engine gets a radical overhaul in version 2.0, with the ability to sample directly to the keyboard or to build detailed multisamples up to 352 samples per tone. Keyboard samples and multisamples can be edited on board and used as the basis of any oscillator/partial in a ZEN-Core tone. With four oscillators per tone and up to 16 tones in a Scene, the sound design potential is mind-bending.

In addition to other audio routing enhancements, FANTOM’s master section now has a TFX (Total Effects) processor. Along with the already-equipped master compressor and EQ, the TFX processor can add any of its 90 effects to FANTOM’s master output. And now you can use effects on input, and even sample the result!

Sequencing continues to take advantage of FANTOM’s high-resolution touchscreen. You can now draw and edit automation using multiple gestures, and the new microscope mode lets you fine-tune each note to perfection.

Each of FANTOM’s 16 zones can already be assigned to an internal sound or an external input or software synthesizer. Now, each zone can be set to both for truly epic sounds! You can even transpose each zone independently and save the settings in a Scene. And speaking of Scenes, you can now visualize your Scene Chains in a list and easily swap their places. You can even jump around your Scene Chain using handy markers.

Finally, version 2.0 lets you change the touchscreen background to match your mood or creative space.

For more in depth information, Mark Watson has everything lined up in the video below: